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Security Solutions Sydney is committed to providing a safe and secure workplace to protect its:


  • Customers, clients and stakeholders - Quality of service can be provided at several levels within the overall system. The notion of translucence, by which components can adapt to changing conditions at one or more other system or network layers, results in a problem that is both horizontal, viz. distributed across the network; and vertical, viz. distributed within the stack.
  • Employees, volunteers and their skills - The system choice range is the level of service ultimately provided by the system in response to the request. This is a unitary range, since there is no next provider to whom a choice might be given.
  • Environment - Inherently,Security Solutions Sydney involves user requests for (levels of) services which are related to performance-sensitive variables in an underlying distributed system. For security to be a real part of Security Solutions Sydney, then, security choices must be presented to users, and the Security Solutions Sydney mechanism must be able to modulate related variables to provide predictable security service levels to those users.
  • Quality of service - We examine the concept of security as a dimension of Quality of Service in distributed systems. Implicit to the concept of Quality of Service is the notion of choice or variation.
  • Assets and intellectual property - Policies that were enforced globally and persistently within this domain were considered to be “mandatory,” and all others were considered to be “discretionary”.
  • Contractual and statutory obligations - Users present their expectations to the Security Solutions Sydney mechanism by way of service level requests. These requests can take the form of both hard and soft requirements. In essence, the system enters into a contract with the user to meet the hard and soft requirements.
  • Image and reputation - We provide a discussion and examples of user-specified security variables and show how the range of service levels associated with these variables can support the provision of Quality of Security Service, whereby security is a constructive network management tool rather than a performance obstacle. We also discuss various design implications regarding security ranges provided in Security Solutions Sydney.


Occupational Health and Safety is a key part of improving our business and services to be a leading organisation. Our aim is to achieve best practice in controlling all the risks to which our business is exposed.

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